Mailing Lists

Tor Project maintains a number of mailing lists for discussion about Tor-related topics. These mailing lists may be of particular interest to researchers:


This is a public mailing list for discussion about the development of Tor. Examples of on-topic discussions would include (where there is a clear relation to Tor): Path selection algorithms, Post-quantum cryptography, Privacy preserving telemetry, Congestion control, Attacks and Mitigations.


This is a private list to facilitate research related to Tor: It’s a place to discuss with other like-minded reseachers, get in touch with core members of the Tor team, and build collaboration for research projects. It’s also a new list and an experiment that we are not sure which direction it will go, let’s all shape it together.

We understand the value of early feedback in a private setting, that academia can be a competitive environment and also that research may be subject to embargoes while work is under submission for publication. However, please note that Tor Project strives to be as transparent as possible, and we encorage you to move discussion to the public tor-dev mailing list once it is ready for public review/commentary.


Many computer science departments, university libraries, and individual students and faculty run relays from university networks. These universities include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT CSAIL), Boston University, the University of Waterloo, the University of Washington, Northeastern University, Karlstad University, Universitaet Stuttgart, and Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. To learn more about how to get support for a relay on your university’s network, check out EFF’s resources.

This is a public lists with archives to build a community of Tor relay ops at universities, colleges, and other education institutions that can help each other to solve issues and help prospective ops at other institutions to get started.